About Daphne

This blog is about life experiences, human connections and emotions. I wish to write about experiences, people, cultures, women, children, education, sexuality, justice, international relations and hopefully reach out to many people with my words and emotions.

I am a simple person with many dreams and ambitions as many young women. Lots of memories from a beautiful past, dreams to live for, hope for a peaceful world, beautiful people that surround me with love, moments that bring a secret smile, an awful lot of moments to treasure, all these make me what I am. As a young mother, living and working in a foreign country, I have a million things to share with the world but I will share a few 🙂 I learn from people around me and experiences that I carry close to my heart. I love reading and working with children… I tend to speak a lot but realized that silence can make wonders too. It is my dream to write, to share my world with you. Spoken or unspoken, you will still be able to read me and understand me.


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