Hello, Women’s Day!

Hello, women’s day! We meet again. It’s been a year since we celebrated you and declared how important you are in our lives and we have a made big circle around the sun. Today, we come back to you with eager expectations, grand achievements, deep expressions of gratitude, as well as silent protests, deeply wounded hearts and we come back with the souls of our sisters who have been stripped off of their lives, dignity and humanity.

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is, “Be Bold for Change” – #beboldforchange. Pondering on the theme, it seeks men and women who are agents of pragmatic action and continue to call out injustice against the girls and women of our society. Be Bold – courageous words of empowerment that drives us to work harder for rights of a woman. It calls for people to be brave together in combating patriarchy and denouncing the evils of oppression. Change is constant. Change is necessary.

The last year, like the last decades and the last centuries, has seen the achievements of exceptional  women around the world in many aspects. With times changing economically and the world becoming more globalized and revolutionized, women, are still paid less, made to walk miles and miles to fetch water, discriminated for their gender, caste, race, womanhood and the list goes on. Yet, we don’t surrender and the struggles are real and they continue fiercely than ever before. I believe it is the sheer power and resilience of women that has brought the movement this far. Women around the world join hands in protest to all forms of oppression and injustices. Technology, hashtags and selfies are broadly used to propagate their exasperation and send clear messages to this world.

To me, the past year has been an amazingly meaningful journey as a woman and a young mother. Being in a society which is seemingly moving forward, it still has vile traces of hostility towards women who express their freedom. I have had the privilege of meeting some extra ordinary women this past year who work for gender justice and who lift each other up. It is my hope that we will focus on what is real, what has to be done, how we will work together to form an inclusive society. It is also my responsibility to raise my sons as feminists who will stand up for the rights of women.

Here’s a shout out to men and women celebrating women and saying NO to violence against women. Together, we can make this round around the sun, louder, passionate and successful!

Happy Women’s Day, sisters!


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