Advent birthdays!

Advent birthdays are fun as it is a season of hope and I have big hopes for the coming year 🙂

Each year is a piece of puzzle that completes the picture of life and birthdays are a reminder of this life given to us. It is a time to celebrate our mothers and fathers and each person that has influenced our growth in the past years. So, with a heart brimming with gratitude, thank you amma and appa for this beautiful life and thank you Uday and Karthik for bringing meaning to life!

The past year for me has been a year of enormous growth, a year of faith, a year of change and a year of hope. This year I lost one of my grandfathers and I am thankful for his life and that he did not have to endure more pain. This year reminded me that our loved ones are not immortal and life sometimes has a serious sense of humour and lets us smile through the pain. Pain that makes us stronger and I learned that we have too little time on earth so it is important to love and to be peaceful. This year also helped me become a better friend and l have  to tell you that I have some amazing friends!

I believe that birthdays are a reason to smile at the year gone by and embrace the new year with an open heart. My hope is that I become a better person each day and that my faith grows with love.

Happy 12.12.12 friends! ❤


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