Have a little patience with God…

Can you think of little surprises that make us happy?

A postcard from a friend. A compliment from a colleague. A sneaky snuggle from your child or grandchild. An unexpected refund. A comforting prayer. Early morning coffee. Paper boats on puddles …These are few things that warm my heart. I have never really prayed for any of these things but they just happen and brings a smile. Very often, instead of enjoying the moment, these moments get overlooked while I’m focusing on other things. Things that seem like (at least to me) insurmountable troubles in life! It’s a problem that hasn’t been solved, a squabble with a friend, a sick friend a prayer that is unanswered.  When prayers are not answered and I see pain and injustice around me, I get very impatient with God. I wonder why God doesn’t intervene when there’s injustice and make our problems disappear.

Coming to think of it, my myopic vision isn’t fair on God. God does not choose to burden us or make us suffer. Small surprises that we encounter each day are a constant reminder that God does care for us. Just as we are different from each other, so is the nature of our problems. We each carry our own burdens and life is never easy. But, perhaps unfolding the little surprises God has in store for us can help us get through the bigger problems. Instead of blaming God for our burdens, we need to focus on our priorities and be responsible for our lives and actions. Instead of being impatient with God, we need to have the courage to think through our problems and find a way out. God’s ways are not always obvious and many times we fail to see God’s answers but if we take charge of our lives and pay attention to the small details, we will certainly be able to look past our troubles and see that God always cares.

Our prayers may not be answered the way we like them to be but God loves us and cares deeply about us. When we worry about our future, God worries too 🙂


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  1. Uday · October 12, 2012


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