Magical Black Forest

It is always exciting to be in the middle of nowhere! Black Forest is the most beautiful, magical forest I have ever seen. The view of the incessant shadows of pine trees and the different hues of dark bottle green is simply breathtaking. Once you enter the protected area, it is quiet, calm, crisp, refreshing and we were with nature at its purest form. Suddenly, it just felt right. The stillness and the beauty around us brought a great level relaxation that we were in dire need of!

We drove past pretty little towns with sweet bakeries and tiny boutiques. After four hours on the road, we reached Schonach, Central Black Forest. We stayed in a house called “Haus Blindensee”. The house is named after the mystic lake, Lake Blindensee which s 0.3 kms from the chalet itself. It was a quaint little chalet with the most amazing view of the forest. We took it easy on the first day and went to the lake and enjoyed the enticing trails of the forest. We saw some colourful, wild mushrooms, gigantic trees that were uprooted and several wild plants.

On our second day, we visited the World’s largest Cuckoo Clocks in Schonach which was built by Josef Dold. The clock is built  into a small house in Schonach. Dimensions of the Clock mechanism: 3.60 m (12 feet) wide, 3.10 m (10 feet) high, 1 m (3 feet) deep. It was a great moment because I always thought Cuckoo clocks came from Switzerland! It is never too late to learn! We then visited the Triberg waterfall which is the highest waterfall in Germany. The smell of wet soil took me back to my childhood. Later on, we visited the Black Forest Open Air Museum. It carries out research projects and explores the cultural heritage and development of all rural areas in the Black Forest region. In addition, the museum collects and preserves for the future important cultural assets from the region to ensure that the people of the region and visitors can access and experience these collections. It was very interesting to see how people have lived and worked in Black Forest farmhouses over the last 400 years. We ended our day with a delicious slice of “black forest” cake and a warm cup of coffee.

We spent our weekend with our adorable little God daughter Indira and her parents, Rabi and Iris. When we discover new places with people we love and conversations are effortless, it is always a memorable trip. This was one such trip and we hope to have more experiences in the coming months.



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  1. Uday · October 10, 2012

    Lovely 🙂

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