Grace for you and me…

There is an elegant grace

that holds together creation

crafted in a slow beauty

It is the most precious of all gifts

as if it is the creator’s very signature

woven through every nook and cranny


this grace

holds the moment we are in now

may it last a moment

but be filled with eternity

May the living we do

and the dreams that we have

may the words that we use

and the intent of our acts

hold such grace

May the breaking of our hearts

and the longing for justice

may the risk of our faith

and the journey of love

hold such grace

May the travelling yet to be done

and the word yet to be born

the child yet to be named

and the place yet to be found

hold such grace

so that all of creation

past, present and future

our place and every place in it

is known by you

held by you

crafted by you

loved by you

and that is the place we have being

this grace-filled place

here and now

So be it


Borrowed from the Prayers of Dedication from The Church of Scotland 


One comment

  1. Christopher Dorn · September 11, 2012

    Thanks, Daphne. You have a fine poetic sensitivity.

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