May, the month I love!

“Be like a flower and turn your face to the sun.”
– Kahlil Gibran

It is a sunny day in Geneva and a perfect way to start this new month. May 1, is a holiday in many countries as it is celebrated as International Worker’s Day. In Geneva, we continue to work but with the beautiful sunshine brightening our day. I am grateful to have a job and to be able to grow in many ways. I hope and pray that people who are looking for work will find amazing opportunities and that life is kind to each one of us as we discover new beginnings ! I know what it feels like not having a job and so this is my sincere wish for today 🙂

May is also the birthday month of some of the most beautiful women that I cherish and love and I wish each one of them a wonderful and special month! Though I am far away from most of them, my thoughts and prayers continue to surround them each day… And, for all my other friends, I hope that May will bring lots of sunshine, good company, success at work, time to relax, time to read, time to play, time to love and time to remember the ones we miss dearly.

Here’s to a May that will be filled with beautiful flowers and sunshine!


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