Water is life…let’s love and respect it!

March 22 is observed as International World Water Day focusing on water and advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources according to the United Nations World Water Day. In 1992, an international day to celebrate freshwater was recommended at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) and since 1993 this day has been dedicated to issues related to water.

Water is an important source of life and each individual is responsible for protecting water. Water is not to be polluted, a source for dispute or to be denied to people for political disputes. Water is important for survival and each individual, animal and plant deserve access to water. I am fortunate to live in a country where clean water is available in plenty and I can actually drink tap water! This is certainly not the scenario where I come from. In India, there is a shortage of water and access to clean drinking water is diminishing each day. Millions of people suffer from water-borne diseases and pollution adds to this serious calamity. Statistics according to http://www.worldwater.org show that in India, within the population of 1.2 billion, 128 million lack access to clean water and 839 million have no sanitation services. In Bangladesh, diarrheal diseases kill almost 100,000 children each year.  There are several other countries that suffer from shortage of water and millions of people are dying.

How do we as individuals and as a civil society respond to water crisis in the world? It is just not the responsibility of people working in sustainable development to look for solutions and start projects to conserve water. Each individual is responsible to know about water crisis and make a covenant for a sustainable future. Perhaps, we fail to realize that each of us play a vital role in protecting our natural resources. By polluting water, we are polluting life. By cutting down trees, we are destroying the natural cycle of life. We as humans are made to love and respect our resources of life such as water, air, soil, etc but do we truly love and protect our environment? How can we, along with our families and friends contribute towards a sustainable development to ensure that not only our children but each person living on this planet will have access to clean water to drink and fresh air to breathe? Maybe we can start by sensible usage of water, un-polluting water, planting more trees, so on and so forth…


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