Lent: a beautiful promise of hope!

Life is beautiful, as beautiful as God intended it to be. And this beautiful life is not easy, as we all know. We are faced with challenges and commitments outside work which consume a lot of our time and energy.  In our constant struggle to promote justice, we are caught up with too many obstacles at times and yet, we continue to do our work the best way we can. How do we do that? Do we let our frustrations and fears dwell in us or do we fight them with hope and courage? The Lenten season not only makes us realize our own vulnerabilities but it also gives us the power to overcome the challenges and frustrations we each face. I find it amazing when I hear Karthik say “Go away fever, I want to go to crèche”.  As innocent as it may sound, it is possible to ask our fears and frustrations to just go away. As my colleague Dora Arce-Valentín said, “It is important to use the Lenten spirit to transform life into something more powerful”.

At the same time, I am left with several unanswered questions…..I wonder what people living in Syria, Afghanistan, Palestine and all those countries where there is so much violence, think about life? Does Lent bring them hope? Do they question God for what is happening to them and their land? Is there beauty beneath all the violence and bloodshed for them to experience life? How do we understand life in today’s world? Not just our own life but the lives of others? What can we do to help each other end the violence that is tearing apart lives and experience the beauty of life together? What does God call us to do?

With these hard realities, there is also a bright side. Life is beautiful! There is so much wonder in this world to see and experience. We are blessed with different seasons and each season reminds us of our strength and weakness. This winter, I experienced something I had never experienced before. It was not just the frosty cold bites and the icy nights, but the magical frozen Geneva! This winter brought a new meaning to my life. And I wish for each person to be able to enjoy the beauty of life. As innocent as it may sound, it is my sincere wish.

Once we start loving life, we will be able to see the small things that make a difference. I often wonder what makes me what I am. Is it life itself or what life is made up of? I am still finding my answers and this Lenten season, I hope to look at life and embrace it with a new meaning.


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